Underwater photography/videography safety

Our service

Underwater photography and videography is an amazing artistic style of art and can look amazing for music videos or photoshoots, but with water always comes dangers and risks, our Rescue Divers are trained in Basic Life support, and pre-paramedic care, they know how to handle any water based emergency and we have a first kit on hand with emergency O2.

As we need air, anyone not trained in free diving can not stay down for longer than a few seconds at a time, it can make it easier to have an air source under the water, our rescue diver is equipped with a staging cylinder (A cylinder that is not attached to his breathing source) that is dedicated to the model or models, we teach the models how to breath under the water as well as breath holding techniques.

We provide all the diving gear and will kit up and down for the models and photographers/videograhers as need be for the duration of the shoot, we have high quality gear and an abundance of air and patience, if you can not dive we highly recommend doing a course with us before the course (For the Photographers) at a discounted price but if time is an object we can train on the day for the shoot.