Gear services

Hard Gear Service

Our gear takes punishment from diving even if we can’t see it, salt forms up on internal parts and some parts just wear over time or even due to the sun and water.

That is why we recommend you bring your gear in to get a checkup and let us service it if need be, we use only genuine parts from authorised brand suppliers.

If you need your reg or bcd serviced then just send us an email.

Cylinder Hydro and Visual testing

Did you know that it is law to get your cylinder tested every few years in South Africa, but not just because law says so, we highly recommend it as many scuba centers including us will not fill an out of date cylinder due to the fact that it is an explosion hazard and can seriously harm or kill the person filling it or the person using it.

PCP cylinders are not exempt and even if you don’t dive with your cylinder it is still subjected to over 200 bar of air (That is almost 100x what is in your care tyre)

We do all these tests and can have your cylinder ready in as little as one day (more depending on volume)

you can even arrange for us to pick up and drop off your cylinder from your house.