Who are we

Geko Adventures

Used to be known as Geko Divers, Geko was taken in the midsts of the pandemic of 2020 and rebranded as Geko Adventures, a 5 Star Career Development Center based in pretoria, we cater for all diving needs.

We have a fully operational online store with the latest equipment and all our courses.

Unique Brands

While we offer most conventional brands such, our specialty is in full face mask diving, we are the only dive center in South Africa who sells OCEAN REEF Full face masks for recreational as well as commercial.

Another unique brand

We also are the only center who sells XS Scuba gear in South Africa, a unique brand from America, XS scuba is all about making your dive gear modular and easy to pull apart and put together, they have a huge range of niffy little tools and amazing coloured pipes to personalise your gear.